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We stock all the tasty cordials you need for your favorite drink or a special occasion

Cordials are typically sweet alcoholic beverages that usually have a higher alcohol content than wine and beer. Almost all of them have a liquor base that is flavored with fruit, chocolate, coffee, spices or mint.

Some people drink cordials on the rocks. Others add cordials to mixed drinks for flavor and color. One or more cordials are used to make the fancy martinis that are so popular today. They also go into favorite drinks such as white Russians, toasted almonds, and margaritas.

Cordials are a must for a well stocked private bar. Our shelves are filled with the brand names of cordials people have trusted for years. We also save room for the novelty items and new flavors that come out every few months.

Many recipes for popular cocktails that contain cordials are available online. We occasionally get recipe booklets for our customers from the manufacturers, too. You'll be the perfect host or hostess in no time.
We stock all kinds of alcoholic beverages including many brands of cordials in our liquor store. Everybody's favorites are available as well as some new flavors that come out every few months.
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